Carl w/ his Father, Pigeon Hill, 1990

“I was only 2 or 3 then. My dad was an alcoholic—drank 2 cases of beer and a fifth of whiskey a night, not including the drugs. But I always had what I needed before he got what he wanted. We’ve had our ups and downs, our fights, our arguments, but he’s always had my back. Through my own drug days he had my back.”

Carl w/ his Son, Pigeon Hill, 2014

“It’s hard to believe I have my own son now. I worship the ground this baby’s on—he’s all I can think about. It’s crazy how life changed from then to now—the different cars, clothes. I’m speechless! He’s turned me around. I was just hustling to make a living before, but now I’m out trying to make an honest living to provide for my son.”